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June 24-26, 2017
Las Vegas Convention Center


Zone Cutting

June 23, 2014
01:00 PM to 02:30 PM
Location : S219
Type: Classes

Let’s get in the zone with independent sub-cutting, also known as, Zoned Cutting. This flawless, consistent cutting method will take all of your present haircuts and simplify them with the use of only  0 and 90 degrees. Nikita will also demonstrate how to cut several independent haircuts on 
one head of hair using “Visual Perceptualization.”


Solutions Beauty Consultants

Niki is a 25 year+ veteran in the beauty biz and one of the industryís premier educators. She is known best for her mesmerizing speaking skills and her in-depth knowledge. Her work includes television, commercials, infomercials, industry magazines and CD covers. Niki is the proud owner of Solutions Beauty Consultants, Solutions for Her Salon of Chicago and Knowledgebyniki.com. Commonly referred to as the "hair concierge," she continuously graces the industry with her enthusiastic and animated style, while motivating her audiences to push beyond their limitations and become masters at their craft. 

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